Furry, Perkins Schools Say Goodbye To ‘Bobo' 

Furry Elementary teachers and faculty, as well as a few guests, took time to say goodbye to longtime custodian Antonio Gallaro with a retirement party in the school library on Friday. The menu of pizza was fitting for this fine fella, who speaks with a thick Italian accent and has a deep love of family and the Perkins community.

After working 16 years in the Perkins Local School District, “Bobo” (as he is known to many teachers and students) will retire Dec. 31. “I’m going to miss the job -- and all the kids,” Mr. Gallaro said. “I like playing around with the kids. I love everybody here.”



Mr. Gallaro, an Italian immigrant who came to the United States in 1971 and got his citizenship in 1976, came to Sandusky in 1980. Previously, he was a full-time cook the former Cedar Villa Restaurant. He started in the school district as a substitute custodian in 2002 and then went full-time in 2006. He had been a custodian at Perkins High School and has been at Furry the past few years.

Perkins School District Buildings, Grounds and Maintenance Supervisor Greg Linkenbach not only hired Mr. Gallaro, but he also gave him the nickname of “Bobo.”

“He just looked like ‘Bobo,’” Mr. Linkenbach said. “How I came up with that name, I have no idea.”Regardless, Mr. Gallaro will be missed. “He’s just a great guy,” Mr. Linkenbach said. “I love his accent. A lot of people can’t understand him. We can understand him just fine.”



Perkins custodian Wayne Ramey was among the folks who attended the retirement party on Friday. He shared stories about Mr. Gallaro and reminisced about “all the good food” he brought to work, including zucchini soup, fried potatoes, and lemon cookies.

Mr. Gallaro also was joined at the party by his wife, Maria, a cook at Meadowlawn Intermediate School, and their daughter, Lisa Sartor. With his retirement, “he’s going to drive us crazy,” Mrs. Sartor joked. “But we’re so happy for him.” Mr. Gallaro won’t be home for long. Mr. Linkenbach said the district will offer him part-time work after 90 days.

Perkins Superintendent Todd Boggs also came by the party on Friday and shared a few laughs with Mr. Gallaro. “I haven’t known him that long,” said Mr. Boggs, who came to the district as superintendent earlier this year. “He is the ultimate team player when it comes to performing duties in the district. He’s always willing to help, and his personality exemplifies what the Perkins Local School District is about.”


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