Furry Students Sample Symphony Orchestra 

Jody Chaffee

Furry Elementary students are getting a taste of the symphony orchestra this week.

As part of a special program offered by the Firelands Symphony Orchestra and sponsored by the Wightman-Wieber and Stein foundations, Jody Chaffee, a flutist and the community outreach director for the Firelands Symphony Orchestra, is visiting the classes of Furry music teacher Lori Conkey. 

During a visit with second-graders on Tuesday, she taught the children about the science behind the music. With interactive demonstrations, Ms. Chaffee showed students different instruments and how they produce sound waves.

Ms. Chaffee varies the curriculum for each grade level, starting with the preschool students, who are presented with the idea of how to be an audience to music. For kindergartners, she discusses books with different musical messages to promote an appreciation and understanding of reading as well as music; and she teaches first-graders about “Peter and the Wolf” and the instruments used to create the music in the story.

Ms. Chaffee will be in the classes through the week and introduce the school children to the symphony, the many instruments that make up an orchestra, and the building blocks that go into orchestral music.

Jody Chaffee
Posted by j_stacklin On 08 January, 2019 at 5:33 PM