1st Graders Meet With Moms, Dads During Conferences 
Si and Alison Judy meet with their son, Gunner

Furry Elementary first graders had their moments of reckoning on Thursday – with their moms and dads for student-led conferences.

A twist on the traditional parent-teacher conferences, the first graders meet with their parents in the classroom and discuss what they have been doing this school year. Teachers, of course, were available if parents had questions, said Brittany Stacey, one of the first-grade teachers who host the special conferences.

The students love the conferences, she said. 
“All of them get super-excited to share what they’re doing,” Mrs. Stacey said. 

The first-grade teachers have been doing the student-led conferences for about nine years.

Lisa Nielsen, another first grade teacher, also hosted the student-led conferences on Thursday. She explained that she has her students write a letter to their parents about their experiences in the classroom and what they want their parents to know about their classroom performances.

“This is a great opportunity for the kids to take ownership of their learning,” Mrs. Nielsen said. “It helps facilitate a conversation between them and their parents. And, it’s in their voice, not mine.”

Andrea Halstead and her daughter, Izzy

Posted by j_stacklin On 22 February, 2019 at 9:45 AM