How To Register Your Child For Little Treasures Preschool 
Everything you need to know to get your child registered for Perkins preschool program

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2019–2020 Preschool Little Treasures Application

Preschool Applications for Little Treasures for the 2019-2020 school year will be accepted starting at 9 a.m., Monday, April 1.  Applications must be completed through our online registration process. 

Key Dates

  • April 1 – Begin the online application process for Little Treasures Preschool
  • April 8 – Acknowledgement of the approval process will begin to allow parents/guardians to complete the enrollment process.


  • Step 1:  Go to the Perkins School website – Perkins Schools (
  • Step 2:  After the initial request has been completed:
  • Step 3:  Set-up a parent account in PowerSchool (the Perkins Local School District Student Information System).  If you already have a child attending Perkins, you will NOT need to create a new account, simply add your child to your existing account.
  • Step 4:  An Access ID and Access Password is provided toward the bottom of the email (case sensitive). This is what you will use to create the account or add the student to your existing account.  This account you create will be used throughout your child’s time at Perkins. During the school year, you will be notified of forms that need to be completed by accessing your parent account.

Registration Process 

Once you have added your child to your account, click on the tab with your child’s name and then click the “first” Ecollect Forms under the Navigation area.

All forms will be under Ecollect Enrollment Packet.

Complete the forms in order as listed. Once you click submit, it will automatically take you to the next form.  Reminder: A red asterisk (*) indicates the field MUST be completed. All forms are stare required and must be completed in their entirety.

  • Form 1:  Little Treasures Enrollment Form
  • Form 2:  Little Treasures Emergency Medical Information
  • Form 3:  Dismissal Consent Form
  • Form 4:  Acknowledgement of Tuition and Fees
  • Form 5:  Interest Survey
  • Form 6:  Federal Required Income Information – This is a federal form that is mandated for preschool parents.  
  • Form 7: Family Household Needs Assessment
  • Form 8:  Little Treasures Birth Verification
  • Form 9:  Little Treasures Residency Verification
  • Form 10:  Little Treasures Handbook Acknowledgement – The 2019-2020 handbook is currently being revised.  There are no major changes expected from the 2018-2019 school year.  Miss Long will summarize changes in an email to all Preschool parents.

Last Step

Under the Ecollect Forms tab – there will be a Preschool calendar to select a date to meet with the registrar to complete your application process.  Please bring all necessary documentation to complete the registration.

Documentation Required for Preschool Registration:

  • Original Copy of Birth Certificate (If both mother and father are listed on the Birth Certificate, it is required that both parents be listed in the students’ file.  
  • Driver’s License or valid photo ID
  • Three proofs of residency (one can be driver’s license as long as the address is correct)
  • Immunization Records (must have by the start of school year)
  • Court Documentation including Shared Parenting Agreement
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